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If you need classic webmail in the US, you might be considering Verizon webmail. This classic version of the Verizon Online email allows you to receive and send your emails from anywhere that you can connect to the Internet. With improved drag and drop functionality as well as improved navigation and 2GB of storage, Verizon webmail is poised to capture additional chunks of the growing American market for high quality and inexpensive (or free!) email. Some of the other features of the platform include support for many levels of Internet Explorer, Firefox on PC and Mac, as well as Chrome support for your Verizon webmail.

While it may seem that the name Verizon has been around forever, it was actually formed as recently as 2004 as the result of a merger between GTE Corp and Bell Atlantic Corp and offers a range of Internet access options including FiOS (fiber optic Internet), high-speed DSL and phone services. Claiming to be the fastest Internet plan available, Verizon’s network goes across the country and includes Verizon netmail as well as several other offerings. While Verizon’s customer support rating by users isn’t perfect, it is quite good and you can even bundle your home phone, Internet with Verizon webmail, and mobile phone together and receive rates that are comparable to other domestic resource suppliers although nearly all services that Verizon offers require a two year commitment after activation.

However, cost is not the only thing to consider when you are looking at Verizon webmail and other web-based email service providers. Instead, keep in mind that security should always be top of mind to your email provider, as sensitive information and records such as Social Security details, tax records and more can be stolen straight from your computer by a smart hacker. Additional tools that make your Verizon My Account area more secure include encryption and HTTPS security, which should be available on every account.

Protecting your computer is important, but so is assuring that you have the right functionality for your ongoing investment in Verizon webmail. You also should keep in mind that the services you receive must live up to the hype as well. Verizon webmail and your PC should stay in lock-step as they work together to ensure that you don’t accidentally click on and download a potentially dangerous virus.

Keeping your Internet mail safe and secure has never really been easier than with Verizon webmail as well as the full range of other services offered by Verizon.

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