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While many are familiar with Time Warner from the television and movie production houses, Time Warner Cable was formed in 1992 when Time Inc merged with Warner Cable to form the Time Warner Cable Group. Time Warner Cable is now one of the largest telecommunications organizations in the United States, second only to Comcast, and operates in 29 states. Spun off from Warner Communications, which later became Time Warner, TWC became an independent organization before being acquired by Charter Communications in mid-2015 along with Bright House Networks.

Email services have come a long way since Juno, EarthLink and AOL started the revolution of sending CDs to homes with simple instructions to receive free Internet access. Today, the sheer complexity of a basic email account can send some older Americans and those that are not as technically savvy running for the hills. For the people who still consider an address book to be made of paper, TWC email provides an uncomplicated option to allow them to quickly and easily get online and begin communicating with those in distant parts of the country.

TWC email provides users with an easy way to check email from any Internet-connected computer, and TWC email accounts are automatically assigned when an individual purchases Internet service. Time Warner Roadrunner email offers up to 5 mailboxes per subscribers, with 1GB of email storage as well as 20MB for any email sub-accounts. Users also receive an online address book, the ability to sort messages, enhanced email capabilities, parental controls, user authentication via the TWC sign-in to webmail and the ability to block certain users. While the service only allows one master account per household, other emails can easily be assigned through the TWC email portal by the key user of the service. Sending limits apply and emails are only allowed to have a maximum of 99 recipients in both the To and CC fields.

While people tend to think that Gmail is the world-dominating email service, the reality is that it is only one of the many that are available to Americans. Oddly enough, it seems that some people have concerns with sharing their email information with the Internet search giant, so there is still plenty of room in the crowded marketplace for Internet service providers like TWC to offer email.

Users will continue to have control of the conversation, and TWC seems to be doing something right.

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