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Under the guise of Optimum email, Cablevision Systems Corporation has been offering Internet service and cable television starting in the 1960s. Growing throughout the upper northeast and New York, Cablevision expanded west through 1999 when AT&T obtained 1/3 ownership of the giant, which eventually led to Cablevision agreeing to sell off Optimum to Charter Communications in a billion-plus dollar deal. A European technology and telecommunications conglomerate is currently eyeing Cablevision, waiting only on approval from regulators to continue with the sale.

Optimum email has a sterling reputation that includes Internet access speeds over 100 Mpbs, excellent parental controls and an excellent Internet security package. However, the cable-based company is not available in all rural areas, and they do not offer options for those who are only able to connect via dial-up. Optimum as an email and Internet service provider seems to be well-accepted by customers, with far fewer negative comments online than some other and larger ISPs and telecommunications giants. Each subscription comes with a generous number of Optimum Online email addresses, plus mobile mail while the premier offering includes up to 12GB of storage for your website or hosting business. There are a fair number of online and video user guides as well as tutorials and top solutions to frequently asked questions.

Outlook and Outlook Express fans will be pleased to know that Optimum SMPT settings are relatively straightforward to access, and the training and tutorials go through the process of pulling your emails into Outlook in a step-by-step and highly detailed manner. The Optimum email online is highly customizable, and you can fine-tune your settings to a great degree to assure that you only see the emails that you want to see, when you want to see them. The spam filters are particularly aggressive, so be sure that you have added individuals that you want to receive email from to your Contacts list.

Optimum email an excellent option for keeping in touch, email overall is experiencing a resurgence. While for the last year or so people were focused on cleaning out inboxes and assuring that they were not seeing spam messages or falling prey to phishing tactics, email is now a much safer place to be, in part due to the aggressive Internet safety tools that most ISPs are deploying on their networks. Optimum is no slouch, as their integrated safety tools are some of the best in the business.

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