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There are plenty of disrupters out there in email land, and figuring out which one will be the emerging market trend is enough to keep leaders of an organization like Juno webmail up at night. Juno Online Services, or Juno, was founded in 1996 and was one of the early pioneers of this space. Starting as a free email service similar to AOL in that they shipped millions of CDs that would allow people to connect to the Internet, the Juno webmail client quickly gained a loyal following by those who were starting out with dial-up Internet service. By 1989, Juno mail settings had expanded to allow use of the Internet and also added a paid service for browsing.

While Juno still offers an offline mail reader that connects to the Internet for short periods of time to upload and download email, the majority of users are now utilizing Juno webmail for all of their needs. Their 15 years of experience and points where you can access dial-up services in more than 7,500 cities throughout the US and Canada mean that you can almost always find somewhere to dial in. However, Juno webmail and other Juno services are not all supported by their technical support team. From well over 5 million users when they began offering dial-up services, Juno has dwindled greatly yet still allows very inexpensive options which can work well for rural users.

Juno’s offline client allows for an inbox auto-refresh so you can see new emails as they arrive and without clicking the ‘Check Mail’ button. You can also automatically save drafts using this simple Juno.com account and attach small files to your emails for delivery. Attach multiple files by dragging and dropping in the Juno webmail client, invite other users, and get desktop email arrival alerts. An enhanced message editor helps you personalize your email when you compose within the Juno webmail client, changing the fonts, colors, HTML formatting and more.

While in large cities, it can be easy to think that Juno webmail is the only way you would ever experience this particular Internet service provider, dial-up Internet access and email access has shown that it will stand the test of time. AOL still has several million old-fashioned, dial-up customers, and their recent purchase by Verizon shows that some of the new-tech companies are interesting in seeing why more established businesses in a different niche market like Juno webmail and AOL still survive – and thrive.

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