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Frontier Communications Corporation started life as a telephone company called Citizens Utilities that was available mostly to help smaller and more rural areas of the country. Today, Frontier Communications provides long distance and local phone service, computer technical support, broadband Internet and digital television to businesses and individuals in 28 states. As expansion continued throughout the 1990s, the then-named Citizens Telecommunications Company acquired AllTell properties as well as buying up Ogden Telephone in 1997. As recently as 2008, Frontier Communications was still referred to as Citizens, even after the acquisition of Frontier Corporation in 1999.

Frontier mail as an organization seems to pride itself on the ability to reach beyond where traditional Internet service provider companies and cable companies are able to go, and provide service to the rural communities that initially helped it grow. While the customer service is thought to be inconsistent by customers, Frontiermail continues to offer options for high speed Internet where other cable companies refuse to wander. The company specifically looks for niche areas where they can be the only option other than dial-up or expensive satellite Internet access as this seems to be their sweet spot. While the service does offer fast enough Internet to access online games, you will not be able to handle graphics-heavy sites or multiple downloads at the same time with their standard speeds. However, to users who are used to dial-up, the speed will seem unbelievably fast.

The new Frontier Mail is touted to have more of everything: more features, more storage, and allow for better conversations via email. Some of the key elements include an embedded instant messaging option with support for all major instant messaging platforms, a massive amount of email storage so users no longer need to concern themselves with the size of their mailbox as well as support for mobile integration with all major smartphone and tablet options. An address book of up to 10,000 contacts means that Frontier Mail is unlikely to run out of space anytime soon, and will even support enough contacts with a basic mail package to run a small business. The service even offers the ability to preview emails right in your browser window with integrated pop-ups on your homepage.

Frontier Mail and the Internet options provided by Frontier may be relatively limited in their range, but the company is providing a needed service to rural communities that would otherwise have few options other than dial-up Internet service.

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