Comcast Email Login

Comcast is a large US based internet provider offering a wide range of communication services. TV, cable internet, Comcast Email and voicemail are some of the available services. If you are a Comcast customer you can use the xfinity login email to access your email. Comcast has suffered an identity crisis for a few years now, mostly due to the change from using the name Comcast almost exclusively, to using the name Xfinity Connect, which supports email in the same way that Comcast email did before. Before we head over to the webmail, login, and email settings a brief description on the difference between Comcast and Xfinity:

What is the difference between Xfinity and Comcast?

Comcast Cable Communications was founded in the early 1980s. Since then it has provided television, communication and internet services to millions of Americans. On its heights Comcast had a market share of 40% of the total Internet provider market. In 2010 the company decided to merge with NBC, another large player in the internet communication branch. This merger is the reason that when you want to use your Comcast email login you need to access “my Xfinity”. After the companies merged Comcast decided to start a complete rebranding of all its products. All Comcast products were renamed into XFINITY services: i) Xfinity Internet; ii) Xfinity mail; iii) Xfinity TV; iv) Xfinity voice and so on.

Comcast Email Login

Despite this rebrand, Xfinity Internet customers can still access their Comcast net Login. The Xfinity homepage enables you to connect to your Comcast webmail. By using the direct link you can easily access your Comcast Email, voicemail, messages and documents via  or email login.

Comcast Email Login Via Xfinity

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How to access Comcast mails, voicemail and other information in the Xfnity login:

  1. Follow this url to go to
  2. Use your Comcast email login to sign in into your Xfinity account
  3. Click the Comcast email sign in button in the top-right corner

How To Sign in into your email account via

  1. Follow this url to go to login
  2. Use your Comcast username, email or mobile
  3. Enter your account password
  4. Copy the captcha
  5. Click the sign in button login

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Comcast email, to which you should refer as Xfinity mail, offers a range of advanced mailing features that are available in the Xfinity mail surrounding. These features include the following options:

  • Change your display name once you have passed the Comcast net login
  • Creating an email signature that can be used on all outgoing messages or just a small subset of predefined messages
  • Setting up auto-reply messages

The last option used to be something that was difficult or unworkable unless you are a technology guru. Now that Email is used by almost all people, Xfinity email options are getting simpler to use as well. A great example would be the two-step integration with additional email boxes as well as the ability to add contacts to your universal address book. The email services come with an extensive panel to edit all the necessary email settings. In sum, after accessing Comcast login you can edit the following configurations:

  • Login to the comcast net login
  • Reset password option
  • Basic mail settings
  • Mail inbox
  • External email accounts
  • Your personal contacts
  • Webmail calendar
  • Email account security
  • My vacation message
  • Mail Forwarding
  • Email Filters
  • Install Comcast email on mobile devices
  • Configure Xfinity email

No matter what Internet plan you choose, an email account is always included. 

Comcast Email Settings

Besides accessing Comcast mail using the Comcast net login on you can configure multiple email clients to connect with your Comcast mail ( There are two options to enable these email settings:

  1. Comcast Email Server Settings For IMAP

If you have Xfinity mail including your Xfinity username and password you can setup an email client with ease. To send and receive email via an email client you should use the following email server settings:

Comcast Incoming Mail Server Settings:

Server Name:               

Server Port Number:

  • Port 993 with SSL ON.
  • If you cannot use port 993 in the Comcast server settings use 143 with SSL ON.

Comcast Outgoing Mail Server Settings:

Server Name:               

Server Port Number:

  • Port 587 (SMTP)
  • If you cannot use port 587 use port 465 (SMTPS)

For verification use your Comcast email login details (username and password) and ensure SSL encryption is enabled.

If you use IMAP as email login you can access your email on multiple devices simultaneously. IMAP enables you to read, send and store documents online as it fetches a cached version of your mail on any device. Do you want to set up your mail account on multiple devices with different operating systems and different email clients? In the following sections we explain how to accomplish this.

  1. Comcast Email Server Settings for POP

Whereas IMAP enables you to access your comcast net email login on multiple devices, POP does not. With POP, you store all email data locally. By using POP you’ll download all your contacts to your local device. This makes syncing email across multiple devices difficult. If you are confident POP is the preferred method, you should use the following Comcast server settings:

  • Incoming Mail Server Name:
  • Incoming Mail Server Port Number: 995 (POP3 With SSL) or 110 (POP3 Without SSL)

By using either POP or IMAP you do not need to use “my Xfinity” to access your Comcast email login.

Comcast Email Sign in Server Settings

Your Comcast mail can be configured to work with all email clients available. You can use your email account with Outlook, Apple Mail and Windows Mail. As more and more people access their email accounts via mobile devices you can configure your email settings to access your email on your mobile devices.

Note: if you use Outlook, Apple Mail or Windows mail, make sure to edit your Comcast email settings to send mail on port 587.

Please read on to get a detailed instruction for your favourite email client:

Comcast Email Settings For Outlook

Comcast mail on Outlook? Follow the instructions below to send and receive email via Microsoft Outlook 2013 and later.

  1. Go to Outlook on your computer
  2. Open Outlook
  3. Move your cursor to “File” menu and click.
  4. In the File menu click “Account settings…”.
  5. Create a new e-mail account by clicking “New…”
  6. Now select the “E-mail account” field (see screenshot) followed by clicking “Next”


  1. Select the second field “Manual setup or additional server types” (see screenshot) followed by “Next”
  2. Select “IMAP” and click Next
  3. Enter Your Full Comcast net sign in details (e-mail address and password) into the E-mail Address field
  4. In the “Account Type” select “IMAP”
  5. Enter into the Incoming mail server: field
  6. Enter into the Outgoing mail server (SMTP): field
  7. Check your Xfinity mail account details (same as Comcast net sign in details)
  8. Enter your Comcast email login password followed by clicking “Login”

Mobile usage of Internet and email by Americans is rising even more quickly than broadband adoption. One of the reasons may be the vast number of young people and immigrants who are either unable or unwilling to purchase a PC or Laptop and instead utilize their mobile phone for many if not all of their transactions. While cost may keep some users from adopting broadband, having an option available like Comcast email is a great first step towards pulling individuals into the fold and introducing additional options for content consumption.

Another much-requested new perk in Comcast mail is the group contact list – the ability to create and mail to a select number of individuals. This technology can save you a fair amount of time as you can send multiple messages at once instead of just one. Finally, personal folders allow you to see what’s going on with individuals without completely removing a block from them. The simple and straightforward customer focus on the Comcast email sign-up form allows you to get the information that you need together quickly and easily.

If you are looking for excellent Comcast Internet service, take a chance and try out the latest incarnation of Comcast in Xfinity.  With a variety of communication services that are all easy to use, Comcast can improve your internet communication experience.


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