Charter Email

American cable and telecommunications companies are not in short supply, and Charter Communications is one of the largest with nearly 6 million business and consumer subscribers. Charter email is also a premier provider of cable services as well as residential telephone lines. In 1995, Charter bought Crown Media, which brought Cable South with it and two years later EarthLink joined Charter to provide high-speed Internet access specifically to customers in the far west. Charter continues to broker deals with AT&T and others in an effort to continue growth without the heavy infrastructure costs incurred with an internal fiber optic cable network. In 2014 came the coup – acquisition of Time Warner Cable and millions of additional subscribers.

Some of the things that Charter email is known for are the fast connection speeds, up to 100 Mpbs in some areas, unfortunately their service is distributed in such a way across the United States that many people do not have access to their services. The inclusion of up to 10 Charter email addresses with each home Internet service plan, Charter has made getting started online quicker and easier than ever before. The Charter email security suite provides top-notch virus blocking, anti-spyware protection as well as advanced parental controls and an excellent firewall. The technical support that is available with Charter net email is superior, and the carrier also allows you to bundle a variety of services such as Internet access, television, phone services and more.

Charter email includes 7 email addresses in all Spectrum Internet packages as well as a maximum of 500 contacts, 5 GB of storage and the ability to send files up to 25MB. Spam email messages are filtered, and the desktop version allows you to check your email through your PC with Outlook or Outlook Express. The mobile version of the software allows you to check your Charter email straight from your mobile phone in the native email client without requiring additional software.

Charter Communications continues to focus on the growth areas: high-speed and DSL Internet services, and low-cost offline email as well as Charter webmail. While there are still significant pockets of dial-up service that exist throughout the country, Charter has made a strategic decision not to enter that market for now. It is a pretty safe bet that the high-speed side of the telecommunications business will continue to grow, while the dial-up shrinks and eventually dwindles away in the next 10 years or so.

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