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Email marketing continues to be an emerging market, and there are plenty of disruptive forces that are poised to change the landscape. Nearly 50% of customers in North America are reading their email on some sort of mobile device – either a smartphone or a tablet – and that number is even higher in Asian countries where desktop computers are only used infrequently. The traditional email model has been to include a large number of ads for free email that can be clicked, but the preference to check email online means that it is even more difficult for advertisers to create value with the much-reduced real estate that is available on a smartphone or phablet. Enter the Internet service providers who are challenging the way the Internet has been free for over a decade and starting to change the game by offering services that do not rely quite so heavily on advertising revenue.

American cable Internet and television services are alive and well, and growing across the country. Cable One provides close to a million subscribers that are found in nearly 20 states with telephone service, cable television and high-speed Internet. Founded in 1997, Cable One was previously known as Post-Newsweek Cable and is currently not in the top 10 telecommunications providers in the country. However, the ability to offer bundles of all three services together makes Cable One that much more attractive to customers as all of the services can be found at a discounted rate.

Cable One mail allows you to be in charge of the way you access your email, providing simple, web-based tools that give you the latest in virus protection, anti-phishing software and parental guidance software to be sure that your children are safe online when you cannot watch them every moment. Another good option with Cable One mail is that there are few additional or hidden fees – something that is often found with discount Internet service providers. Once you pay the regular monthly rate, you will not be hit with setup fees or related fees, and while there is a small equipment lease fee you can avoid even that if you own your own modem. However, the professional installation that is required is time-consuming, even if it is free. You are still required to stay with your home and be there when installation happens.

Cable One mail is a small but viable when you are looking for Internet services, cable television and home telephone service in the markets that it serves.

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