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When you are looking for a solid, basic webmail provider, AOL webmail provides much of the functionality that you have come to expect from a service provider. Nearly thirty years after the launch of the company, America Online or AOL continues to be a relevant business in the Internet space, offering AOL mail and email as well as AIM – the AOL webmail instant messaging platform that is embedded as part of the AOL sign-in process. AOL continues to enhance the functionality in AOL webmail with panels which can be shifted around on the screen, a highly-functional To Do panel that can pull to-do list items straight from your emails, and an Events calendar that actually works.

If you are one of the millions of Americans who change their email address every six months, then maybe switching to AOL webmail is the right answer for you. Their AOL Easy Transfer option allows you to pull contacts and old emails directly from another email service through your AOL mail login. All you have to do is enter an old email address and password, and your information will be transferred within twenty-four short hours. Email forwarding services are also available to help you get up to speed with your new AOL webmail account. Now that AOL was purchased by Verizon in June 2015, AOL is re-inventing itself as a digital media company, and has left behind the days when it would send out millions of free CDs with email and Internet setup instructions far in the past.

AIM Buddy Lists are also available in AOL webmail, and allow you to direct message or text directly from your main email screen, as well as set up a Facebook chat once you hook in that link as well. The advanced set of email filters allows you to set up rules that will route your AOL webmail items exactly where you want them to go, making the email serviceable and useful without spending a lot of time each day in processing emails.

When you are at a desktop machine, there is even a wide range of keyboard shortcuts that are available from within AOL webmail, all aimed at making your life easier and allowing you to navigate more quickly within the software. These time-savers include everything from right-clicks within your Calendar to add or edit events to options like Alt + W to start a new mail message that can be sent to your contacts.

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